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Scar Treatments

in McFarland, WI

Scars are an unpleasant reminder of past injury or trauma to the skin. Scars can be caused by a traumatic injury, acne, or surgery as a natural part of the healing process. The skin repairs wounds by growing new tissues and collagen. If too much collagen is produced, it builds up on the surface of the skin and creates scar tissue. If you are bothered by scars on the face or body, our team can help you restore smooth skin that leaves you feeling confident about your appearance.

Kenalog Injections

Kenalog injections are commonly used to treat acne and acne scars but this treatment is effective for various types of raised scars, including keloids. Kenalog injections are made with an anti-inflammatory medication called triamcinolone acetonide. This medication causes scar tissue to shrink, flattening the scar, and can even lighten dark scar tissue. Kenalog injections are especially beneficial for acne scars because they reduce inflammation and prevent future breakouts.

Conditions Treated:

ProFractional Laser

ProFractional laser treatment uses an Erbium: YAG laser to trigger the body’s natural healing response and resurface the skin. The ProFractional laser uses a pinpointed laser beam to precisely target scar tissue without damaging the surrounding area. Microwounds are made on the skin’s surface and collagen production is stimulated to resurface prominent scars and smooth the skin’s appearance. This procedure is not considered painful by most patients but a treatment add-on like Pro Nox or local anesthesia can help you feel even more comfortable.

BBL Halo

BBL Halo is a laser skin resurfacing treatment with many skin rejuvenating benefits. BBL stands for broadband light and it is an advanced form of IPL (intense pulsed light). The BBL laser targets hyperpigmentation and redness in the skin by breaking up melanin and blood vessels. Light energy can also treat acne scars by stimulating collagen production to resurface the skin and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

Which Scar Treatment is Right for You?

The benefit of our scar treatments is that many of them simultaneously target other skin conditions. Other factors like your skin type, comfort level with each treatment, and the types of scars you hope to treat will be used to determine your treatment plan. Our aestheticians will discuss your skin concerns and examine your skin to help you determine the best scar treatment or combination of treatments for your individual needs.

Scar Treatment in Madison, WI

Acne scar removal is one of the most popular uses for scar revision, but your treatment plan can be designed to target any type of scar that you are struggling with. Schedule a consultation today with the skin care specialists at ANEU Med Spa to determine whether you are a good candidate for scar treatments. We will help you restore smooth, radiant skin that you can feel confident about!


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